CS FLASHLIGHT - 2001 Gray Stallion


2016 FEE: $1,500 Cooled Shipped Semen Available
Now Standing at:
Fulton Ranch



Royal Quick Dash si 101
LTE $1,046,980
Champion 2 yr. old colt
2 yr. old - high money earning horse
First Down Dash si 105
LTE $857,256
World Champion, 2 Time Champion
AQHA Surpreme Race Horse
Dash For Cash si 114
LTE $507,689
AQHA Hall of Fame Horse
First Prize Rose si 98
LTE $22,754
by Gallant Jet
Harems Choice si 85
LTE $1,842
All-time leading dam of ROM
Beduino (TB)
Flicka Your Bic si 84
by Tiny Charger
Easanon si 95
LTE $28,350
Marthas Six Moons si 99
LTE $218,224
Leading Living Sire of Barrel Horse Money Earners
1998-99 Leading Barrel Horse Sire
Six Fols si 90
LTE $72,571
Offspring earnings of $2,919,904
Lady Bugs Martha si 89
Fol's Native (TB)
Folsanon si 93
LTE $18,125
Fol's Native (TB)
Miss Breezing Lady si 89
by Mambo's Breeze



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